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Air Compressor Oil / Lubricants

Different air compressors require different grades of oil. We recommend the following products however please note you must be very careful not to mix different types of oil in a air compressor. When changing a machine over to a new grade of oil every drip of the old oil must be drained before refilling with new lubricant. Contact us for further advice.

Rotary Vane (2000 hour) Oil

Various Rotary Screw Compressors
Rotary screw (4000 hour)
Roto-inject fluid
5 litres
20 litres

Ingersoll Rand
Rotagold = 19 litres
Rotagold 1g = 3.7 litres (u.s.gallon)

Food grade oil
Fg100 = 19 litres
Fg200-19 = 19 litres

Piston Compressors
Reciprocating oil
Rcfluid100 = 3.7 litres (u.s.gallon)

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