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Air compressor service and maintenance in Cambridgeshire

Air Compressor servicing and maintenance - How can we help?

Whilst we appreciate that most companies tend not to change their current compressor service providers unless they have issues with high costs or poor service, we can offer a few good reasons to review your arrangement and consider a change:

  • CONFIDENCE ~ Over 30 years combined experience of the air compressor industry.
    We've seen it all! Our compressor service engineers are all manufacturer trained.
  • SAVE MONEY ~ We guarantee to quote our lowest price every time to save on your current compressor maintenance & service costs.
  • RELIABLE ~ A local service with a local presence. We're never too far away
  • PEACE OF MIND ~ Regular air compressor servicing is vital to the long term reliability of your compressed air supply and continuity of your business productivity.

Recommendations for Air Compressor Service

We tailor a air compressor service plan that will be specific to your needs depending on the compressor hours run each year.
We recommend that most screw compressors are serviced every 2000 hours. Which for many applications is every 6 months. This will consist of an intermediate service and major service annually.
We also recommend that line filter elements are changed annually and oil water separators are serviced annually,

SAVE MONEY- If your air compressor is not maintained regularly it could increase your electricity costs as blocked filters can cause the compressor to use more energy.

Please call 01480 217904 to speak to one of our in house engineers to discuss your compressed air system service requirements or contact us here
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