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AIRnet Aluminium Compressed Air Pipe System

Aluminium compressed air pipework systems are gaining popularity across the UK. We have seen a steady increase in the number of clients requesting and specifying this type of pipework over the last five years. Our engineers who were once tunnel visioned towards galvanised steel pipefitting are now boasting about the simplicity and practicality of this range. Whether you are looking for us to supply only, or for a managed design, supply and install solution please do not hesitate to contact us.

aluminium airnet atlas copco pipework

The benefits of our range of AirNet aluminium compressed air pipe are as follows:-

1. Fully Customisable - Fixed to walls or ceilings, AIRnet’s range of fittings lets you custom-build a compressed air system to your specific production needs.
2. Minimise leakage - AIRnet fittings are corrosion-free. It reduces considerably air leakage risk and eliminates energy waste.
3. Maximum Flexibility - Quick drops can be added at any time to create extra drop legs. As the connection is made from the side section, the risk of condensate pollutant is eliminated.
4. Constant Compressed Air Quality - AIRnet delivers constant quality compressed air from point of generation to the various points of use, protecting downstream equipment and manufacturing processes.
5. Future-Minded - As all components are easily adjustable and reusable, AIRnet facilitates future network extensions.
6. Easy Identification - In compliance with most industrial standards, AIRnet pipes are standard painted blue or green for simple network identification.
7. Low Pressure Drop - The design with full diameter and inside fin guides eliminates air flow restriction and guarantees the lowest possible pressure drop.

8. Simple Installation
airnet aluminium air compressor pipe system for compressed air
The flexible fit
AIRnet effortlessly adapts to the changing demands of your network. Connections to your applications can be easily and manually dismantled and reassembled to connect to new or modified production processes. Quick drop fittings can be added at any time to create extra drop legs. Furthermore, AIRnet is also compatible with any existing pipe work and equipment. Airnet uses a single assembly method for all diameters : simply push tube into the fitting and tighten the nut

Reduced Installation time
AIRnet has been designed with a unique assembly system, allowing an AIRnet system to be built in one-third the time of a conventional one. As the system can be pressurised immediately after assembly, you will not waste valuable time.

Immediately Airtight
Atlas Copco engineered and manufactured AIRnet to eliminate leakage. While the unique O-ring ensures an airtight fit, the longer push distance facilitates achieving perfect alignment for high resistance to vibration. The clinch ring grips the pipe, keeping the fitting firmly in place and securing the installation at maximum working pressure.

Technical Information

AirNet aluminium pipe and fittings are available in the following sizes:

20mm / 25mm / 40mm / 50mm / 63mm / 80mm

The following fittings are available:-

Pipe clips
Pipe spacers
Equal and reducing sockets
90 degree elbows
45 degree elbows
Equal and reducing tees
Quick drops - Allow you to drill a hole in the pipe and fit a drop without removing any of the main pipework
Various AirNet to threaded BSP fittings
Wall mounted outlet port with built in drain
PCL, Euro and Schrader quick release couplings
Profile channel and cantilever arms for clipping
Beam and G clamps

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