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Can you reduce pressure to reduce costs?

Different compressors produce air at different pressure ratings normally these are between 5 and 13 bar for general compressed air usage. To check what pressure your machine is producing air at, run the machine up with the outlet valve after the receiver closed. When the compressor cuts out take a reading from the pressure gauge. Now release some air using an air tool or silencer until the compressor cuts back in, take another pressure reading from the gauge.

You will now have a figure for your minimum and maximum pressure ratings i.e. 8-10 bar. Now check the air equipment you are using to see what pressure your tools require. This can usually be found in the documentation, data plate or by consulting the supplier. Now if the tools only require 5-7 bar operating pressure then the compressor can be modified to work at lower pressures. This is a relatively simple modification requiring an electrical trained compressor engineer. The cost of such a modification should cost you no more than £50.00 in labour + travel & VAT etc.

So how much will this save you in electrical costs? We estimate that for a reduction in pressure of 1 bar (14.5 p.s.i.) you will incur a 4% reduction in power consumption.

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