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Breathing air / Breathable air

So what is the difference between breathable air and a breathing air system?

Breathing air is a very high quality standard of compressed air outlined in BS4275. It is best achieved by passing air through a pre-filter, refrigeration dryer, oil-removal filter, then into a breathing air pack containing micro filter, carbon filter, desiccant dryer, dust filter and a hopcolite filter.

The air coming out of the breathing air pack will be cleaned of water vapour, oil vapour, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and is safe to breath.

The air is of the highest standard and will pass all breathing air tests to national and international standards.

Breathable air is what a lot of body shops are using, this is quite different. Breathable air systems often do not have the high quality desiccant dryer meaning the dewpoint is a lot higher. This allows for more moisture to pass through into the operatives breathing air mask. The air is considered safe to breathe however it will not pass a BS4275 standard breathing air test.

We are currently promoting our new range of single man and two man point of use breathing air packs. We have these units custom made for us to the highest quality standards. If you would like to improve your breathing air supply to BS4275 we can advise, supply and install a suitable system. We can also provide a post-installation breathing air test and issue a breathing air quality test certificate.

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