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Calculating the electrical cost of a compressor

To calculate the cost of running a compressor you need to know the size of the electrical motor. This can be found stamped on the dataplate attached to the motor, it should give a KW reading. Alternatively for our compressors please see this electircal data chart.

The annual electrical cost can then be calculated as follows:-

Size of motor (KW) x Cost of electricity per unit x Number of hours the motor runs per day x Days per week x Weeks per year

For example a 11KW compressor in a garage may be running 50% of the time.
11 x 0.10 x 5 x 5 x 50 = £1375.00

That's £1375.00 a year.

If you had leaks in the system and the compressors was running constantly.
11 x 0.10 x 10 x 5 x 50 = £2750.00

£2750 / year just in electrical costs.

This highlighs the need to get expert advice at the planning stage of a compressed air system.

If you are looking to reduce the electrical costs of an existing system click here.

For further information and advice please contact one of our technical staff.
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