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Capital allowances for air compressors and compressed air equipment

Capital allowances allow you to offset the cost of capital assets against the taxable profits of your business.

The amount of any tax savings should be calculated individually as the amount varies from business to business for the following reasons:

The basic amount of the allowance to be written off each year is 20% on the written down value each year.

At present for small and medium sized businesses there is a 1st year allowance this means that capital purchases can be fully written off in the first year up to £50,000 in total per year.

There is also an enhanced capital allowance which allows a 100% of the investment to be written off against company profits on equipment that is registered on the ECA Energy Tech List. (Please ask for details.) All businesses are eligible for this allowance.

Many of our rotary screw air compressors are on the ECA Energy tech list.
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