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Compressed air installation

Air compressors can be installed in various ways to meet the needs of the user. We have detailed below a typical compressed air installation.

air compressor installation

The air compressor converts electrical power into compressed air. The outlet of the compressor is typically very hot and this requires cooling before it can be used, this is achieved by an aftercooler. Often modern rotary screw air compressors have a integral oil cooler and after cooler connected as one unit. The compressed air is then stored in an air receiver which acts as a buffer allowing for fluctuations in usage. A drain and pre-filter removes moisture in doplet form and contaminates prior to the the dryer. The refrigeration dryer cools the air further causing moisture vapour to condensate and is removed. Typically a refrigeratoin dryercan reduce the dewpoint (a measure of moisture in the air) to three degrees centigrade. The micronic filter is often the final stage of filtration removing all contaminates to 0.01 micron. Air is then considered clean and dry for general usage and will meet ISO8573 2.4.2 standards. The air can then be piped to the point of use and distributed as required.

In some cases, such as with our genesis range of rotary screw air compressors, all the above equipment is placed into a single package and is built integrally into the compressor.

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