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Airpower UK LTD offers innovative compressor trade-in scheme.

Airpower UK Ltd are now offering an exciting trade-in scheme for industrial screw compressors.

With compressed air being integral to many business operations the reliability of any compressor is of utmost importance. Compressor problems and breakdowns are invariably problematic, regularly catastrophic for the productivity of the business concerned. Therefore we are offering this scheme as an economically viable solution to upgrading your compressed air system.

Any new machinery we supply carries a 2 year manufacturers parts and labour warranty as standard allowing piece of mind for our customers and their businesses.

With variable speed technology now available at an affordable price there has never been a better opportunity to upgrade your compressors. A rough guide to potential energy savings is 100 per Kw per annum. With a 45Kw compressor this equates to energy savings of approx 4500 per annum over a fixed speed compressor of he same class. Along with the economical benefits there is also the case for being environmentally "greener".

The trade-in price for your existing compressor(s) will vary dependent on age, size and condition of the units.

We can offer excellent trade-in deals with low cost finance options available for all new compressors and installations.

If you wish to discuss your compressed air requirements or would like a quotation please call 01480 217904 or email us via our contact form.