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Condensate oil / water separators compressed air drain

The compressed air coming out of an air compressor contains contaminates such as oil, water and hydrocarbons. This is removed by air quality equipment such as dryers and filters. The dryers and filters have automatic drains which plumbs out the contaminates or condensate. The condensate cannot be discharged directly into the drainage system due to the oil content being above legal disposal limits.

The solution to this is an oil / water separator. This simple piece of equipment filters the condensate and separates the oil (usually between 1 and 0.1 % of the total amount of condensate) from the water. The excess water can then be discharged safely and legally to a foul sewer and the oil collected in a waste oil container.

Our range of oil/water separators

Our oil water separators provide the following advantages over conventional systems:
• Utilises a primary stage filter bag that absorbs oil but not water.
•Unique full length oleophilic oil filter system ensures that only clean filter is aligned to the water surface
• The waste oil collected is safely contained within the filter allowing clean and convenient disposal
• The simple design and simple set up allow convenient installation.
• The system can handle synthetic coolants with no reduction in capacity allowing a simple choice to be made

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