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Service Contracts

New Equipment

Our compressed air equipment is designed and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure a trouble-free life and reliable air supply. With any equipment though, it's vital to know that you have the back-up of the supplier. The Total Care program is Airpower UK's commitment to sharing its specialist skills with you, its customers, to provide complete solutions to your specific needs.

The Total Care package offers support you can rely on from the leadeing pneumatic solutions supplier.

maintenance service contract

Customers benefit from a fixed annual fee which covers all maintenance and any repair work your machine requires. This annual fee can be paid monthly if this is more convenient for your business allowing you to accurately forecast the complete cost of your compressed air production over a period of time.

Existing Equipment

While we cannot offer the total care package on your existing compressed air equipment we can offer a competitive service contract on an annual basis. This covers routine maintenance (generally two visits, one minor service and one major service, per year for a standard 50hrs a week shift). At Airpower UK we do more than just change filters and replace oil. We check belts, safety circuits, motor condition and much more, providing prior warning to any problems you may face in the future.

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