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Air compressor controlls and controller systems for air compressors

In an industry that is becoming more and more demanding smart monitoring systems can provide the solutions to get the best out of their compressed air system and control their costs.

"Energy consumption represents the main part of the life cycle cost of the air compressor, so it is sensible for the air user to monitor the compressed air system."

In this article we aim to introduce the benefits and functionalities of the Air Control 4 (MCC)
and the Multilogic Box.

Note the Air Control 4 can only be used with Airpower's Alup range and cannot be integrated into existing systems. To control and monitor existing equipment or mixed manufacturer installations a Multi logic box is likely to be the ideal solution.

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Air Control 4 MCC

• A simple sequence controller integrated inside the air control 4 module.

• Capable of controlling 4 x Air Control 4 machines, 1 of which can be a variable speed compressor.

• The functionality has to be activated on 1 machine using a hardware key (dongle)

• As standard, the pressure is measured by the master machine.

• If the master machine fails, each machine returns to local control.
Multi Logic Box

• The Multilogic box is a stand alone central control system

• Accurate and efficient management of a “mixed installation”.

• Capable of controlling 6 x Air Compressors, 1 of which can be a variable speed compressor.

• The Multilogic Box regulates the net pressure within programmable limits

• Air compressor functions such as; starting, loading, unloading and stopping the connected compressors
are carried out according to a programme sequence.

Further Details

Air Control 4 (MCC)

• The MCC function is built into the ALUP Air Control 4 software, but can be only activated with the
(permanent) input of an MCC dongle.
• In addition to the dongle, operating the MCC requires the building of a local CANBUS network
between all the Air Control 4’s of the compressor system.
• This can be done by using a connector on each connected Air Control 4 and CANBUS cable. This
cable is especially selected for communication in an industrial environment.

The Air Control 4 set as the “master” controls the pressure of the MCC system, through its own pressure
sensor information. It gives priority to an Allegro (if present, the Allegro does not equalise its running hours
with the fixed speed compressors; the Allegro can be either used as master or slave).
• The MCC starts in priority the compressor with the fewest running hours.
• The MCC loads in priority a running motor (with priority to the compressor with the fewest running
• The MCC unloads in priority the compressor with the highest running hours.
In case of a very stable system, the MCC forces the rotation setpoint of the changeover sequence, the
changeover time is set up on the master controller at commissioning.

Special functions:
• *Remote Start/Stop of the MCC system.
This allows to activate one of the free inputs or to reassign one of the inputs to be used for the
remote Start/Stop of the complete MCC system
• *Remote pressure sensor placed on the air net.
The MCC can use for pressure control any pressure sensor connected to the master Air Control 4.
Therefore, we can use an added sensor remotely placed on the air network, for instance on the air
receiver of the network.

Multi Logic Box

Product Highlights:
• The MultiLogic Box is able to control 6 machines simultaneously
• Any fixed speed machine and integration of 1 “group” variable speed compressor
• No extra expansion modules are necessary
• All 6 machines can be connected via the CAN network
• Alternatively, up to 5 machines can be connected via digital I/O
• The digital inputs are included as standard
• Maximize the energy savings
• No cascading thanks to an optimized pressure band
• No energy consumption during non working hours thanks to a timer schedule feature
• Sequence selection timer controller for improved match to the expected air demand
• Optimize the use of the machines - stand by machine activation for temporary period
• Use of the variable speed machine for flow fluctuation
• Ideal solution for mixed installation
• Maximize reliability with accurate pressure control that increases system stability
• Reduce maintenance costs
• Equalization of the number of running hours between the machines to have only one intervention

Use Of the variable speed machine to Match Flow Fluctuations (when installed)

• The MultiLogic Box ensures that if a variable speed machine is installed, it’s always used to meet the
changing demands of the net. Standard machines are therefore only used as base load machines in this
• By ensuring standard machines are 100% loaded, and that the variable speed machine is never 100%
loaded, the operating efficiency of the installation is increased

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