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Dental Surgeries

Airpower UK Ltd are adept at dealing with the unique challenges presented in the dental industry. We are qualified and experienced in offering pneumatic solutions that work for our customers and meet their ever changing needs.


Our all in one units provide a cost effective air supply which meets the required industry standards.

We offer all inclusive service contracts with new equipment, this covers maintenance and any repairs or breakdowns. Our TotalCare customers know exactly how much they are going to be spending on their compressor each and every year.


Routine maintenance is the key to keeping your system up and running when you need it most. A compressor that is not serviced regularly will have a reduced life expectancy as well as being more susceptible to problems.


Problems with your compressor now or in the future? Give us a call on 01480 217904 and we will have an engineer with you in the fastest possible time.
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Recomended Compressor Sizes

No. of chairs Recommended Model Noise Level Capacity Pressure
1 LFX 0.7 61 dB(A) 2.16 cfm 8 bar
2 LFX 1.0 61 dB(A) 2.92 cfm 8 bar
4 LFX 2.0 64 dB(A) 5.36 cfm 8 bar
12 SF4 59 dB(A) 14.0 cfm 8 bar

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