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Compressed air refrigeration dryers

Water droplets present in your compressed air network will cause all manufacturing processes to operate inefficiently. This will result in increased costs, possibly more down time due to excessive maintenance and lower quality in terms of spoilt products and adverse machinery wear.

Our refrigeration compressed air dryers remove moisture vapour and water in droplet form.
When combined with two stage filters (see our section on filters) this will provide dry clean air to ISO 8573 2.4.2 standards.

Simple to use and effective
The design of our compressed air fridge dryer is based around simplicity. Powered by a simple electrical connection, compressed air in, compressed air out and a water drain to run off the contaminates.

refrigeration compressed air dryer
  • Removes all moisture to a pressure dewpoint of 3°c
  • Low pressure drop across the dryer
  • Line filters available to suit
  • Low power consumption, energy efficient
  • Automatic drain valve on all models

Model Capacity (cfm) Electrical Requirements
Standard 13 Amp / Three phase
Price (£)
Fdry20 10.8 Standard 13 Amp 440
Fdry25 12.4 Standard 13 Amp 445
Fdry45 21.2 Standard 13 Amp 495
Fdry60 30 Standard 13 Amp 567
Fdry85 42.4 Standard 13 Amp 627
Fdry130 64.4 Standard 13 Amp 723
Fdry165 83 Standard 13 Amp 759
Fdry210 106 Standard 13 Amp 867
Fdry250 127 Standard 13 Amp 1005
Fdry290 145 Standard 13 Amp 1120
Fdry360 184 Standard 13 Amp 1175
Fdry460 230 Standard 13 Amp 1285
Fdry530 272 Standard 13 Amp 1860
Fdry690 353 Three phase required 2085
Fdry830 424 Three phase required 2385
Fdry1040 530 Three phase required 2625
Fdry1260 636 Three phase required 3870

Prices quoted are net and VAT should be added.

The new range of ACT (aluminium cooling technology) dryers possess many benefits over conventional dryers. The modular construction of the air/air heat exchanger, refrigerant/air heat exchanger and separator into one single unit, not only improves reliability but also allows for a far lower pressure drop across the dryer when compared to other systems. This results in significantly lower power consumption and a more stable dew point control.

  • Modular construction of exchanger
  • Lower power consumption, even in variable conditions
  • Stable dew point control irrespective of flow
  • Combined unit providing improved performance and reliability


Drying Compressed air

The condensation present in the compressed air network work is the cause of : increased wear and corrosion within the pneumatic equipment used, higher running expenses and damage to machinery.

Faulty or spoilt products, lower quality, higher costs of spare parts and loss of production for repair works are the usual consequences!

In order to appreciate the quantity of water generated by the air compression process one should consider that a 50 HP (37 kW) compressor which delivers 6,000 Litre/min (212 cfm). free air at 7 Bar at an ambient temperature of 25°C and with 70 % relative humidity will produce 5.4 Litres per hour of vapourised water. After compression on entry to your network some of this vapor will condense allowing small droplets of water to be formed.

The use of after coolers, separators and condensate drains make it is possible to eliminate up to 70 % of the condensate. The remaining condensate may only be removed by using a refrigerant type compressed air dryer which will enable the temperature of the compressed air to be reduced significantly, in such a way it will be possible to eliminate all the remaining humidity. The dew point is the temperature at which the water contained in the compressed air begins to condense.

A lower dew point temperature will generate a larger quantity of condensate. To determine the required dew point at which to operate the dryer it is useful to take into consideration the minimum ambient temperature the compressed air system is exposed to. A dew point temperature of a few degrees lower than the minimum expected ambient temperature will allow the efficient removal of condensation and therefore maximum protection to the machinery and equipment used and to the distribution pipe work itself.

The ALU-DRY modular heat exchanger in more detail.

remove moisture from compressed air water trap The air/air heat exchanger and the air/refrigerant heat exchanger are combined with the demister type condensate separator into one vertical unit. The unique (patented) design reduces the number of pipe connections needed, whilst the modular and vertical arrangement improves the effectiveness ofthe drying process. 

(A) - The counter flow arrangement to the air passages within the air/air heat exchanger ensures maximum heat transfer efficiency providing superior performance. 

(B) -The generous size of the air/refrigerant heat exchanger along with the further employment of counter flow techniques to the gas flow stream allows for a complete and efficient evaporation of the refrigerant ensuring that no liquid can be returned to the refrigeration compressor improving efficiency and reliability still further. 

(C) - The high efficiency condensate separator is located in the perfect position at the bottom of the vertical heat exchanger arrangement. The separator labyrinth is generously sized and employs coalescence in order to achieve a high degree of moisture separation. 

(D) - The generously sized separator allows for the correct functioning of the dryer in situations of extreme humidity.

(E) - The larger cross sectional area of the flow channels within the heat exchanger reduces the velocity of the compressed air flow, resulting in a much lower pressure drop and subsequently lowers power consumption.

Technical Specification:

Control panel:
The operation of the dryer is automatically controlled and monitored by the digital controller and thermostat. The sophisticated DMC200 micro-processor based controller is fitted as standard to models ACT900 and above and is available as an option to all other models.

Standard hot gas by-pass valve:
The new and unique hot gas by-pass valve prevents the formation of ice inside the evaporator irrespective of load or ambient conditions. The valve is adjusted during final testing with no further adjustments required throughout the life of the dryer. The same valve is fitted to all ACT dryers for uniformity 

Condensate drain:
All dryers are fitted with a simply adjusted automatic drain valve for the discharge of condensate. Both the frequency and duration of the drain process can be easily adjusted to suit the ideal conditions present. An optional zero loss sensor controlled drain can be fitted as a low cost option to all our dryers. The sensors within this drain allow the operation of the discharge only when the drain is full. The condensate can then be removed with no loss of compressed air, providing energy savings with no need for adjustment during use, even in varying load conditions.

The generous sizing of the condenser ensures the perfect operation of the refrigeration circuit with the ability to accommodate severe changes to ambient conditions when required. The condenser is ideally situated within the cabinet to allow ease of access for cleaning.

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