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EARS - Exhausted Air Recycling System

The E.A.R.S system is now available in the UK through their distributor, Airpower UK Ltd. Ears offers substantial benefits including reducing air tool noise, cutting carbon emissions, increasing productivity and improving workplace health and safety;

• Reduces tool exhaust noise
• Reduces airborne contaminants
• Uses up to 40% less energy
• Generates up to 80% more air volume
• Increases compressor and tooling life cycles

How it works
The E.A.R.S system recirculates the exhausted air from the air tool to flow into the compressor, forming a closed loop system. Circulation, therefore is practically closed as the compressor recompresses the air vented by the tool before returning it back.

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ears exhaust air recycle system

As it has already been compressed, the air re-circulated to the compressor is at a higher pressure than atmospheric pressure. The compressor therefore does not need to work as hard to maintain the pressure required. Within this closed loop system, the pressure and the volumetric flow remain almost constant. This helps shorten the re-loading time that the compressor needs to return to working pressure.
It is this principle, therefore, that generates a wide range of advantages in contrast to more conventional compressed air methods.
Energy Cost Savings
An E.A.R.S fitted air compressor delivers an air volume that could only otherwise be achieved by using a conventional compressor with a larger motor. Larger units are more costly and demand more energy when these costs are high. By retro-fitting a current compressor with E.A.R.S, you can save up to 40% in energy costs alone.
" with the rising cost of energy, the modest investment in new tools and retrofit kits will show an extremely attractive ROI”
Cleaner Quieter Air

E.A.R.S is a closed loop system, only drawing in ambient air when there is insufficient return air available. By recycling cooler and dryer air from the pneumatic tools (under pressure), the compressor runs cooler, and run times are shorter, decreasing wear and tear. This closed loop operation drastically reduces the moisture content in the compressed air supply. The more you use your pneumatic tools, the cleaner and dryer the air becomes.

The exhaust noise from the air tool is reduced dramatically because it is enclosed in the feed tube back to the compressor. Emissions of dirty air and noise are eliminated. This dramatically improves the working environment and becomes a cleaner, quieter place.

We offer a complete range of compressors for every conceivable application.
Sizes vary from 0.8 to 160 kW, from mobile 240-volt piston compressors to stationary screw compressors with inverter drive and frequency control.


ears tools exhausted air recycling system ear Not all tools can be used for the E.A.R.S system because either the exhaust air does not run parallel to the drive air in the handle or the process air can not be fed back, for example, spray guns or blow guns. These devices can be connected to the normal pressure line and operated as before without limitations.
Robust and quiet, the range of E.A.R.S ready tools is broad enough to cover the general requirements for repair shop and industry.

The range of E..A.R.S tools includes the following and much more.
• Impact wrenches
• Screwdrivers
• Air ratchets
• Belt sanders
• Sanders and polishers
• Angle grinders
• Drills
• Rod sanders

We have had great success in retrofitting the ears system to existing compressors and tools via a manifold which can be fitted to piston and screw style compressors.

Awards Winning Technology
• Professional Tools and Equipment News “Innovation Award”
• E.A.R.S received the High Commendation among 2500 entrants at the prestigious
Victorian Engineering Excellence Awards competition
• E.A.R.S has won the National OHS WorkSafe awards competition in Australia as the “Best Solution to a Health and Safety Risk”
• On the Australian ABC New Inventors TV Show, the E.A.R.S system won the first prize and was chosen as “Invention of the year 2006”, and on the New Inventors segment, E.A.R.S was the Episode Winner.
• The E.A.R.S System was a finalist for the “Innovic Next Big Thing Award”
• Motor Magazine awarded E.A.R.S the “Top 20 Tool Award”

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