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Formula Screw Compressor

The Formula screw compressor is now available from 5.5KW all the way up to 75KW making it suitable for a range of applications from small workshop all the way up to large industry.

formula screw compressor

The highly acclaimed MC2 digital controller is included. The MC2 provides fault diagnosis and self testing mode. It also offers a synchronisation facility which allows you to connect multiple machines together with load balancing and intelligent pressure band settings.

All models are available in 8, 10 and 13 bar. An important point to remember is all screw compressors (except VSD models) fluctuate 1 1.5 bar. This means if you require 8 bar working pressure always opt for a 10 bar machine. VSD models are set up to vary flow output to demand providing a consistent pressure point and avoiding the cutting in, cutting out of a standard screw compressor.

Noise levels have been kept to a minimum thanks to vibration dampening throughout and sound insulating canopies.

The Formula is rated for continuous use and is built to withstand the high demands of an industrial application. The Atlas Copco group air end is produced for over twenty five thousand machines a year and has received accreditation for its efficiency and reliability.

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Modelcfm @ 8 barMotor Rating (KW)VSD Option
Formula 5.528.95.5No
Formula 7.540.77.5No
Formula 1158.811Yes
Formula 1570.115No
Formula 18.5          97.718.5No
Formula 22120.622Yes
Formula 30133.530No
Formula 3720037Yes
Formula 4523845No
Formula 5531855No
Formula 7542675Yes

Note cfm will decrease for 10 and 13 bar options. Call for further details.
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