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Genesis Rotary Screw Compressor - A Complete Solution

Our top of the line Genesis range provides a unique plug and play compressed air workstation.

The unit comes complete with built in two stage filtration to 0.1 micron, upgradeable to 0.01 micron on request. The integral refrigeration dryer removes moisture to a pressure dew point of three degrees centigrade.

Mounted above a 270 or 500 litre "stubby" air receiver the unit is designed to occupy the smallest footprint possible. The 270 litre versions have a footprint of just 0.7m3

genesis screw compressor

Improvements over older Genesis models include:

  • Improved silencing providing lower noise levels down to just 66 dB(A) on some models.
  • Atlas Copco Group Air End and components Built using cutting edge technology to provide reliable operation
  • Oversized refrigeration dryer ensures accurate dewpoint modulation
  • Zero loss automatic silenced condensate drain removes condensate quietly and efficiently

The highly acclaimed MC2 controller has been kept on the new model which provides excellent fault diagnosis. This means many issues can be sorted out over a telephone call rather than a site visit saving the customer callout costs.

EFF1 motors provide excellent efficiency across the entire Genesis range.

Two variable speed drive versions are available at 11KW and 22KW providing considerable energy savings. In many circumstances the electrical cost savings available from such a machine cover the capital outlay meaning you effectively get new equipment which is paid for by the electrical savings. An air energy audit with data logging is available to confirm how much room for improvement there is with your compressed air system.

The highlight of the Genesis product has always been its simplicity. Connect the electrics at the side of the machine. Pipe straight into the screwed outlet at the back and you have a clean, dry, efficient source of compressed air.

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Standard Genesis Screw Compressor Models

Model Motor Output @ 8 bar Output @ 10 bar Output @13 bar Noise level
  KW/HP cfm cfm cfm dB(A)
Genesis 5.5 5.5/7.5 28.9 23.7 18.4 66
Genesis 7.5 7.5/10 40.7 35.3 28.6 66
Genesis 11 11/15 58.8 50.7 42.7 69
Genesis 15 15/20 70.1 62.5 52.2 69
Genesis 15+ 15/20 78.3 71.3 54.3 70
Genesis 18.5 18.5/25 97.7 90.6 71.2 72
Genesis 22 22/30 120.6 106.5 85.3 74

Variable Speed Drive Screw Compressor Models

Model Motor Min Output Max Ouput Presssure Noise level
  KW/HP cfm cfm bar dB(A)
Genesis 11i 11/15 15 57.2 6-13 73
Genesis 22i 22/30 22.8 129.4 4-10 or 7-13 74
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