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Air Compressor Repair

Fault on your air compressor? Give us a call on 01480 217904 we may be able to help over the phone!

Failing that we can have an air compressor engineer with you in next to no time to get your compressed air back on line. We offer a competitive on-site repair service where we will diagnose the problem, advise the customer, then get the machine up and running.

air compressor repair service

Airpower UK's technicians are experts in trouble-shooting and repairing all makes and models of compressor. Our fully qualified refrigeration engineer is vastly experienced in repairing refrigeration dryer units.

We can almost always repair your air compressor on site. The only variation in this is when we have a problem with the motor or the air-end. We can offer great prices on motor rewinds. One recent customer advised us that our final price for removing, rewinding and re-commissioning his 110KW motor was half that of what a national electrical company had quoted him. Likewise we are very competitive with replacing air ends and in some circumstances we can do an exchange service so you get a fully overhauled air end in the quickest possible time.

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Note routine maintenance reduces the chance of your compressor breaking down and prolongs the overall life of your compressor. Find out more informatoin on air compressor service.
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