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Retrofit variable speed drive compressor

In the majority of working environments the installation of a variable speed drive compressor can offer significant energy savings.

We offer a wide range of VSD compressors but also offer a retrofit service providing the same energy savings using your existing compressed air equipment.

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We offer a data logging service which monitors air usage and power consumption over a set period (usually one week). We then take this information and analyse it to predict the potential energy and cost savings of installing variable speed equipment.

Technical information

The Combivert is used widely to reduce energy usage in the operation of fans and pumps. Similar operating conditions also mean that the Combivert is the ideal VSD for use as the optimising element in compressed air applications,
matching demand to supply in single or multiple compressor installations.

Significant efficiency gains can be achieved by retrofitting a Combivert to a designated compressor(s) in single or multiple compressor installation.

The compressor will remain standard and "believe" that it is running its own standard motor and regulating in Load/Unload mode. In addition, the VSD-R interface controller enables the compressor motor control and safety circuits to remain intact and functional to original manufacturer’s specifications, and have priority over the VSD drive run operation.

The VSD-R controller can also interface the Combivert to the compressor Management controller (when installed). The latter employs an enhanced efficiency single pressure band control philosophy, is capable of selecting from alternate machine sizes and is fully VSD compressor aware, meaning that it is capable of forming a coherent air compressor management system which acts in unison with all system resources to provide optimum efficiency at all times under all operating conditions.

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The VSD-R Controller is a wall mounted IP65 panel assembly. The VSD-R controller interfaces with the ‘KEB Drive’ or self build cabinet to provide precision PID control and safe operation of the ‘KEB Drive’ or self build cabinet with the compressor. A variety of temperature sensors, pressure sensor, and compressor iPCB complete the kit contents. The VSD-R controller also provides an RS485 connection for connection to a compressor management system.

When sizing the drive, it is important to select the most suitable drive for the application. This is done by measuring the full load, at full rated pressure, current of the drive motor and selecting a drive with the appropriate current capacity.

Motor power consumption will increase as internal to compressor air/oil separation element differential increases over time. This can result in an additional 5% of current consumed. Always make provision for a 5% increase in motor current with rotary screw or vane type air compressors. Increasing the delivery pressure of an air compressor above the manufacturers full load specification will result in approximately a 5% per bar (0.35% per PSI) additional current consumption. In some instances, allowances for the above will result in the selection of a drive unit that has a higher nominal kW specification than the nominal motor rating of the air compressor. This is normal practise.

For budget pricing and further information please contact us.
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