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Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Rotary screw compressed air technology has revolutionised the air compressor industry. Now the standard for industrial and workshop applications, it allows for a quieter, more efficient, more reliable production of compressed air when compared to piston based machines. We offer a range of screw air compressors suitable for every application from our 5.5KW basic machine to our 260KW energy saving VSD range.

Abac spinn rotary screw air compressor
Formula rotary screw air compressor
genesis rotary screw air compressor with dryer and filtration
energy saving vsd rotary screw air compressor
Spinn - An entry level screw air compressor available with a single or three phase motor. Receiver mounted or stand-alone unit. 10 bar models in stock. Formula - Our standard workshop and industrial screw air compressor range which covers everything from 5.5KW to 75KW. Genesis - A complete compressed air workstation which includes built-in refrigeration air dryer, two stage filtration and a horizontal air receiver. Energy Saving - Our variable speed drive range offer energy savings which can offset the cost of new equipment.
industrial air compressor Industrial Air Compressor

Our Range of Industrial air compressors offer robust reliability and cost effective efficiency.

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For applications that require large volumes of compressed air it is critical to size and design a compressed air system correctly.

We stock a wide range of screw compressors in the UK and these are therefore available for next day delivery. In some cases we have even been able to deliver on a same day service.

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