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Spinn Rotary Screw Compressor

The Spinn screw compressor is designed to provide a fully customisable compressed air package to suit all budgets.

Options include:

  • Floor Mounted or Receiver Mounted
  • Custom refrigeration air dryer
  • Line filter with 0.01 micron element
spinn basic screw compressor

The Spinn range is ideal for workshop and professional usage. Models with dryers and filters can provide air to ISO8573 2.4.2 standards which is perfect for spraying and applications that require high air quality.

A single phase model is available at 2.2 KW all other models require a three phase supply.

A great deal of effort has been put in by the design team to silence the operation of the screw compressor. Noise levels are now between 65 and 69 dB(A) across the range which is exceptional for a high powered compressor.

The simple analogue controls are easy to use with a standard on/off switch and pressure gauge read out.

Unlike piston compressors and even some inferior screw compressors the Spinn range is rated for continuous usage so it can work day in day out.

The new Atlas Copco group air end is among the most highly acclaimed in the world ensuring reliability and efficiency.

Energy savings are considerable when compared to a similar sized piston compressor. A piston compressor will have a free air delived output of around 75% of displacement whereas the Spinn provides over 95%.

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Technical specification for Spinn screw compressor range

Model Motor Output @ 10 bar Dryer available Filters available Noise level
  KW/HP cfm     dB(A)
Spinn 2.2 2.2/3 8.5 Yes Yes 61
Spinn 3 3/4 11.3 Yes Yes 61
Spinn 4 4/5.5 16.6 Yes Yes 62
Spinn 5.5 5.5/7.5 21.2 Yes Yes 64
Spinn 7.5 7.5/10 32.5 Yes Yes 66
Spinn 11 11/15 46.2 Yes Yes 69
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