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Can you afford not to upgrade your compressed air system?

The Carbon Trust are offering interest-free loans which are unsecured, have no arrangement fees and are repayable to the Carbon Trust over a four-year period.

By upgrading your compressed air system you could make the following savings:

Cost Savings:

Variable speed machines use less electricity if the use of compressed air is not constant.
Old pipework can be renewed to eliminate leaks
Heat recovery can be utilised to reduce heating bills.

Environmental savings:

Saving on carbon footprint by using less carbon energy.

Maintenance savings:

New machines have longer service intervals and are unlikely to incur unforeseen breakdown costs.

Self Financing

Customers benefit from the Carbon Trust interest-free loans and find that the monthly re-payments are often less than the monthly savings that our technology delivers. This means positive cash-flow right from the start.

Free Energy Audit

We can provide a free energy audit to recommend where the above savings can be made. Every applicable energy audit that we produce will include an illustration of the Carbon Trust monthly payments. As a registered supplier we can process the loan application on your behalf.

If you would like to assess whether your organisation is eligible for a Carbon Trust unsecured interest-free loan on an energy saving upgrade project, please contact us.
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