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Whispair small silent air compressor

With noise levels starting at 40 dB(A), the Whispair air compressors are designed using fridge compressor technology, they are extremely quiet (noise levels similar to your fridge at home), and are ideal for use in offices, labs, universities, or where low amounts of air are required.

Super silent for use virtually anywhere. Complete range includes portable and static models. Reliable, simple and robust construction. Ease of use, simple automatic control.

The Whispair air compressor is a lubricated (Oil-removal filters available as optional) machine, designed for 50% duty in light use applications.

More information on the smaller whispair range is available here

Technical Specifications

Airbrush super silent air compressors
These small air compressors can be used with the numbers of airbrushes shown, or with our spot gun MEC-620129, all can be used for graphics applications, nail and body art using airbushes, spray tanning, etc.

small silent air compressor silenced

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