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Why use compressed air?

Why use compressed air?
Compressed air is a form of energy that is safe and versatile. In use, the compressed air will expand back to its original volume, producing energy that can be used to run tools and equipment.


  • it is clean energy
  • in many applications it is safer than electricity
  • it allows greater manoeuvrability
  • it offers lighter and more compact tools

Air compressors produce a viable alternative form of energy, which is safe to use, clean and versatile.
Manufacturers are able to make high quality machines and tools, which are compact in size, easy to use and very economical.

Equally, the range of accessories is increasing all the time and pneumatic tools are increasingly becoming a valid alternative to electrical tools in a wider range of applications.

Pneumatic tools offer quality, performance and reliability at a very affordable price.

Typical Applications
Blow down/inflation
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