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Written scheme of examination

What is it and do I need one?

If you are operating a pressure system over 0.5 bar then according to the pressure systems safety regulations 2000 legally you must have a written scheme of examination and risk assessment. This is a document which itemises the components within a pressurised system such as air receiver, safety valves, pressure gauges, pipework sizes etc. The written scheme should also specify the frequency this equipment should be examined and any measures necessary to ensure safe examination.

What is the safe operating limit?

The safe operation limit is the maximum limits at which a system is known to be safe. The limits are principally temperature and pressure.

How do I go about complying?

The pressure systems legislation requires a competent person must be employed to asses the system and produce the written scheme. We can give you advice and assistance in getting your system compliant with the latest regulations. We also offer a complete solution which includes everything from the initial examination through to delivering a pressure system safety manual.

How often do I need to review my system?

Each system is different and should be judged individually. How often a system needs reviewing can depend on many factors such as moisture in the airline causing rusting. For specialist advice use the contact link below.

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